Top 10 Lessons from 2010’s

Some are personal to me. Others are universal.

  1. No one can predict the future. No one. Donald Trump is President. No one could have imagined this back in 2010. This is not good or bad. It simply is. The future will bring what the future will bring. Plan for the future but live fully in the present.
  2. Pain is a part of life. The question becomes, “How can we learn and grow from the pain we endure?” With so many mass shootings and natural disasters within the past decade, the only way to make sense of evil, pain and disaster is to be prepared and learn from the aftermath. Same in your own life. If you allow it, pain will take you to greater heights of awareness and personal effectiveness. Don’t wallow in your pain. Learn and grow from it.
  3. Your mind is everything. Understand how the brain operates. You are the way you are because of your mind. Your mind controls everything. If you want to change you, you must first change your mindset. Understanding the power of your subconscious mind will alter your future in relationships, business and how you make decisions. When you can master your mind, you will have mastered your life. (I not even close.)
  4. Stay at it. Deep roots never grow in a single day, week, month or year. Deep roots in a relationship, family, community or organization take time. Don’t be so focused on yourself you forget the value of sticking around.
  5. Empower others. You get better when the people around you get better. So demand excellence from those around you and then have the courage to rise with them.
  6. Focus on one thing. At the very most, focus on a few things. The reason we fail to make the impact we desire to make is because we are spread too thin. In this decade, my encouragement for all of us (I am preaching to myself on this one) is to go deep on a few talents, opportunities and relationships. Expertise and strength is found in depth. In order to go deep on one thing, you must know your purpose.
  7. Goals are shit. Habits are everything. Stop setting goals and focusing all of your energy on the outcome. Instead, focus on the habits and systems you have in place. If you are not reaching your goals it is because you do not have the proper habits and systems to support your goals. Focus on your habits and systems. The outcomes will come your habits and systems, not your goals.
  8. Create and follow a Personal Constitution. Your Personal Constitution is simply a written document spelling out your Purpose (why you exist), Vision (where you are going), Mission (how you will get there), Values (what you care about) and Principles (the rules that govern your behavior). Your life will have greater clarity when you have your own constitution.
  9. You attract into your life exactly what you are. I know. No one wants to believe this. However, this is a fundamental truth. If you do not like the people you are surrounded by or the environment you are in, you will have to change yourself first. As you change, everything around you will change. You cannot fix other people. Everyone and everything around you is simple a mirror of yourself. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, fix yourself. Life will bring to you exactly what and who you are.
  10. Growth only happens through brutal feedback from those who know you best. You know those flaws you have? Guess what? Everyone else knows about them as well. You know those areas of your life that you do not know you need to work on? Guess what? Everyone else can see them. If you do not take feedback from others, you will remain stuck right where you are for another decade. Great people surround themselves with other great people and allow these great people to speak into their life. Within your relationships, family, team or organization invite brutally honest and empowering feedback. And then grow.
  11. BONUS: Gratitude works…every single time. You want to attract better people and opportunities into your life? Start by being grateful for everything you already have. Express gratitude every single day. Live with gratitude on a consistent basis and watch what happens to your future. I cannot explain it, but understanding the power of gratitude has been the greatest lesson for me in this past decade. Be grateful and positive always.

Let’s make 2020 – and the 2020’s – the greatest yet.

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