How to Move from a Small-Minded Organization to a Large-Minded Organization

Growth is hard.

Personal growth is challenging. Organizational growth is even more difficult.

This is why many people don’t change and most organizations never evolve to the next level in order to survive for years, even decades.

For the organization, culture is everything. Culture is the makeup of the organization’s Purpose, Vision, Mission, Principles, Values and Structures.

For the larger organization, that is.

Too often, the culture of the smaller organization is the makeup of the whims and emotions of the leaders and members of this organization. These whims and emotions rarely develop a healthy culture and will not lead to growth.

Why? One man or woman can only lead a group or organization to a certain height. Eventually, the Constitution – the vision for the future – must take control.

Yet, the members of small-minded organization struggle to release control – even to the vision.

I get it. It’s hard.

You have developed a company from concept to reality and have experienced a modicum of success. It’s hard to release control – even to an idea.

Yet, the only path to growth is moving from being driven by a person – persons – to being driven by the Constitution.

To be driven by the desired future as opposed to bring driven by today’s thoughts emotions.

This means change.

This means personal change. This means organizational change.

Yet, most people don’t want to change.

My response?

Evolve or die.

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