Embrace The Suck…and Grow

It’s Monday… back to the grind.

Back to the office. Back to the details. Back to the uphill climb towards the next goal.

Every job has its shining moment. Yet, in order to reach the shining moment, we must persevere through the suck (all the not-so-fun details). Even more, we must embrace the suck. We must live in the suck.

Youth is all about pursuing the “end goal.” I know I am talking with someone with an immature mindset when their entire focus is on the outcome. The older, and hopefully wiser, we become, the more we come to realize the journey is the the destination.

Yet, the journey is not easy.

In our daily work, it is the pressure to perform, the politics of the workplace, the boss or team members we struggle with, the details of the job at hand or a myriad of other issues we struggle with in reaching the desired destination.

Yet, this is where life happens. In the journey. In the suck.

Think of hosting a party in your home. The party may last 2-3 hours. The pre-party set up and post-party tear down will last 8-10 hours. This is the suck.

Life is found in the suck.

The people who understand and embrace this are the ones who find contentment in life and work.

I have a personal belief that goes like this: “Life is working for me. Life is on my side. Everything that happens to me is for my good.”

Embracing the suck is understanding that everything happening in your life is happening for your good. All of life is a teacher and you are the student.

The boss you don’t like? It’s teaching you something. Embrace the suck.

The project you failed on? It’s teaching you something. Embrace the suck.

The team member you struggle with? It’s teaching you something. Embrace the suck.

The details that cause you anxiety? It’s teaching you something. Embrace the suck.

The only way past the suck is through it. Complete and total embracement of the suck. It is where life is lived.

The greater the suck, the greater the growth.

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