Compassionate Leadership In Times of Crisis (part 1)

In a recent Harvard Business Review article entitled, Leading in Times of Trauma, the authors discuss compassionate leadership when facing times of crisis and upheaval. Their words: 

The managerial rule books fail us at times like these, when people are searching for meaning and a reason to hope for the future. There is, however, something leaders can do in times of collective pain and confusion. By the very nature of your position, you can help individuals and companies begin to heal by taking actions that demonstrate your own compassion, thereby unleashing a compassionate response throughout the whole organization. 

Why is compassionate leadership important or the success of the company and its employees? 

The article continues: 

Unleashing compassion in the workplace not only lessens the immediate suffering of those directly affected by trauma, it enables them to recover from future setbacks more quickly and effectively, and it increases their attachment to their colleagues and hence to the company itself.

Compassionate leadership is good for employees and it is good for the organization. Yet, it must begin at the top. The senior leaders must demonstrate compassion personally in order to empower a compassionate response within the organization. 

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