Compassionate Leadership In Times of Crisis (part 3)

In their article, Crucibles of Leadership, Warren Bennis and Robert Thomas list 4 essential traits all leaders must have in times of crisis:

  1. Ability to Engage Others in Shared Meaning. Leaders must be able to reframe a crisis and bring others together around a shared meaning; to be able to lead others to find a greater purpose within the crisis.
  2. A Distinctive and Compelling Voice. Leaders must have the ability be able to bring calm through the use of their words.  
  3. A Sense of Integrity Defined by Strong Values. There is nothing like a crisis to reveal a leader’s true values. The key for every leader is live by their values even when is seems the world around them is falling apart. 
  4. Adaptive Capacity. Great leaders have the unique ability to transcend adversity and emerge from a time a crisis, change or disruption stronger than before. 

If I had to sum these essential traits up one word, I would say “Centeredness.” All leaders must be centered and remain centered in times of crisis.

You people need this from you. 

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