3 Ways to Maintain Culture While Working Remotely

With so many companies closing their doors or moving to an online platform, leaders who have worked their entire lifetime to build a company culture might find themselves a little anxious at their workers not showing up to work. Will the work get done? Are we going to lose momentum? How can we maintain accountability during this period of time? 

These are valid questions. 

I will start by saying this: If these questions leave you awake at night, more than likely you have hired the wrong people. 

However, that is for a later conversation. 

For now, the question remains, “How do I keep my team members engaged and motivated through this season of working remotely?” 

  1. Through Communication. Communication is key. With so many online communication tools, it is easier than ever to remain connected with your team members. Depending on your business or industry, schedule consistent meetings with your team in order to keep everyone on the same page. You may choose to meet once a week, twice a week or daily. The choice is yours. However, make sure you are meeting together. 
  2. Through Trust. Trust is essential with a remote team. Can I share something with you? In recent weeks, I have had 3 different people tell me they are more productive at home than in the office. I have found this truth in my own life. While working from home carries its own shares of distraction, it also lessens the many distractions that happen in the office. As a leader, you simply have to trust that the work is getting done. Are your team members watching Netflix? Maybe. Are they going to the gym? Possibly. Are they taking extra long lunches? Most definitely. Who cares! As long as the work is getting done, trust your people to monitor their own work day. Again, if you are worried about the productivity (1) you either have trust issues or (2) you hired the wrong person. Either way, it’s on you. If you don’t trust your people, it’s 100 percent your fault. 
  3. Through Empowerment. Give your team members large, important projects to work on as well as all of the resources they need to succeed. It could be easier for your team members to lose some energy with all of the chaos going on, but with a large, important project they will more than likely be excited to take on the challenge, if only to take their mind off of their current circumstances. So… empower your team. Set large goals as a team and use this time working remotely to achieve a project that could not be achieved within the structure of the office. 

And for an added bonus… HAVE FUN. Talk with your team members and see how you can still have some fun even while working remotely. Possibly you can schedule lunches together through Zoom. Whatever you do, find ways to maintain that sense of camaraderie during this time. 

Communicate. Trust. Empower. 

In-person or remotely, these are weapons for success. 

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