Health Before Resilience

An excerpt from my upcoming book “On Resilience.” 

Before moving forward, it is important to understand the foundation for resilience as being the health of the person or organization. While any person, team or organization can work through the process of resilience, the process is made easier when there is a foundation of health; mental and organizational. Team members who can process and act on information – positive and negative – while evolving and maintaining their personal center. 

There are many tests which can help determine the health of an organization or team. I highly recommend you spend time on this important task as the foundation for resilience. 

Why should personal and organizational health matter for resiliency?

At the very core of the health is centeredness. Healthy people and organizations have a “north star,” a personal and organizational constitution that guides them. They know who they are, why they exist and where they are going. Healthy people and teams process information – positive or negative – with calm and steadiness and are slow to react. When they do react, the reaction is filled with patience, compassion and wisdom. 

This health is important because, once the period of change, disruption or adversity come to an end, there has to be somewhere to go. By this I mean, there must be a centeredness to return to. This centeredness is found within a personal or organizational constitution (purpose, vision, mission, values and principles). 

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