42 Insights For 42 Years, Part 1

It happens once a year. We celebrate this thing we call our “birthday.” It is always a wonderful thing to know we are one of the lucky ones who made it one more year. While birthdays are a great time for celebration, I also believe it can be a wonderful time for reflection. To look back on the past 365 days – and however many years you’ve been on planet Earth – and reflect on the good, and not so good, lessons you have learned along the way. 

The following are 42 lessons I have learned in my lifetime. Most of these lessons have been learned the hard way. Yet, as Sadhguru states, “For the committed person there is no failure; only lessons.” 

I have divided these lessons up into three different categories: Organizational, Leadership and Personal. 

Please check out my podcast (Apple, Spotify and Google) as I walk through each of these briefly with my dear friend, Nicole Pearson. 

Which of these lessons most resonate with you? 


  1. Be loyal or leave. 
  2. Never, ever gossip to other co-workers. Ever. 
  3. Have courage. Tell the truth. 
  4. Help others rise to your level. 
  5. Hard work matters. Relationships matter more. 
  6. It’s easier to focus on the shortcomings of others than your own. 
  7. Everything really does rise and fall on leadership. 
  8. If you don’t fit the culture, nothing else will matter. 
  9. Come in quietly and simply do the work. Trust is built with time and expertise. 
  10. Never speak ill of your boss. Have the bravery to go directly to him or her. Or leave. 
  11. Never outshine the boss. 


  1. It’s always your fault. Always. 
  2. Empowerment always works. Always. 
  3. Read, read and then read some more. 
  4. You learn more by listening than by talking. But it’s really hard. 
  5. Allow the people around you a voice in the direction of the team or organization. 
  6. Don’t blame the person; blame the system. 
  7. Leadership is both and art and a science. 
  8. Leadership is calling greatness out of others. 
  9. Authenticity wins every time. 


  1. Gratitude. Always. 
  2. Where focus goes, energy flows. Tame your focus. 
  3. Sometimes it’s okay to shut up. 
  4. Take full responsibility. When something does not work out, it’s your fault. Every time. 
  5. Let challenges push you forward. 
  6. You attract people and opportunities commensurate to person you are. 
  7. Listen to yourself. Yes, take advice and seek outside counsel. But you know the right answer. Listen to yourself. 
  8. You will rarely get a second take on a great opportunity. Be smart enough to see it and disciplined enough to keep it. 
  9. Be the person (or people) you wish to attract in life. 
  10. Knowing your purpose in life is the single greatest most important thing you can know about yourself…and the hardest. 
  11. Once you know your purpose, focus your life around that purpose. 
  12. The only things you will regret in life are (1) the shots you didn’t take and (2) the times you quit when you know you shouldn’t have. 
  13. Self-awareness is key.
  14. Success is found in decades in one place. (one career, one location, one partner, etc.) 
  15. Compassion for self; compassion for others. (The Jeanie principle) 
  16. There is no secret to success. It’s all about consistency. Make of list of top 10 actions you need to take to reach your goals. Spend 80% of your time on the top 2 actions. 
  17. Choose your life partner carefully. And then commit. 
  18. When somebody tells you something about yourself, believe them. 
  19. Heal your childhood wounds. If possible, get the help you need early in life. But get it. 
  20. For the committed person, there is no such thing as failure. 
  21. Don’t quit. Ever. Quitters hurt others and, most of all, themselves. 
  22. Did I mention, gratitude and thankfulness in all things? 

Rise Higher,

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