The 7 Steps to A Possible Cure for Racism, et al.

Racism, classism, colorism, sexism, etc. are all part of our human DNA as much as the need for water and food. 

I truly believe this. 

The study of humankind – going back thousands of years – points to this. 

Travel the world – US, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa – we see bold remnants everywhere. 

The cure? 

First, acceptance. Everyone must accept the truth about themselves and others. No more shock and awe when we see racism, et al. The acceptance of reality in all of us. This means you. This means me. (Sure, we can weep for the victims and reality, but we must see the truth.) 

Second, compassion for self. 

Third, compassion for others. 

Fourth, the willingness to listen, learn and evolve. (This is what separates humans from every other species – intentional evolution.) 

Fifth, the willingness to have courageous conversations; to share and hear hard truths. 

Sixth, patience. It has taken thousands of years for us to arrive here. What is deeply entrenched in our DNA cannot be solved overnight. 

Seven, post-acceptance. The realization that, even after conversations and evolution, some will remain racist, et al. 

Sounds easy enough, right? The first step is always the hardest. 

Rise Higher,

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