What the US Military Can Teach Us About a Culture of Tech and People

Currently, there are (at least) two modes of thinking surrounding the onslaught of technology (Zoom meetings, apps to order food, driverless cars, social media, Amazon, on-demand entertainment, virtual reality, AI, etc.): (1) Wow, this makes life easier. (2) Where is the human connection in all of this? 

There is a certain level of fear happening right now as society tries to find the balance between human flourishing and technological innovation. 

Is it possible there are lessons we can learn from the US Military? 

If there is one organization that has mastered the art of weaving human assets and technology together, it is the military. While the US military has been at the forefront of technology since the dawn of the military, core to each branch’s mission is people. 

US Marines’ Mission Statement: To fight through anything—with everything.

Everything. This means people

Have you talked to a present or former Marine? They are proud folk. 

What can the larger society learn about the combination of technology and people through the US military? 

Quite a bit, it seems. (More to follow.)

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