Leadership Is Listening

Leadership is listening.

“I’m not sure I follow,” you say. “Of course. All leaders must listen.”

It goes deeper than simply just listening. Yes, the leaders must listen to those people who surround him or her. Yet, true listening is so much more than hearing with your ears. The great leader also listens with their eyes and emotions.

It’s what I call “corporate or organizational empathy.” A great leader can read the room.

A great leader can walk into any situation and automatically begin sizing what the room needs. She listens with her ears. He listens with his eyes. She listens with her emotions.

Much has been written about in recent years surrounding emotional intelligence. The ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions.

This is leadership.

My encouragement for you today. Listen.

Not simply when someone is sitting across the table from you. Listen to the room. Listen with your eyes, ears and emotions. What are those things not being said, but are clearly being said.

Process these things. Then respond appropriately.

Leadership is listening.

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