On Resilience: Equip Yourself, Your Team, Your Organization

We have defined resilience as the process by which an organization, team or individual maintains organizational or mental health while achieving positive growth through change, disruption and adversity.

Resilience is mandatory process for a person, team or company that desires to last over the long haul.

The first step in Resilience 6E process is to Expect Change, Disruption or Adversity.

The second step is to Equip Yourself, Your Team or Your Organization.

You have come to expect change and adversity in life and business. Yet, expectation is not enough to experience true resilience. Once you come to expect change, disruption or adversity, you must be constantly working to prepare for it.

How do individuals teams and organizations equip for change, disruption or adversity?

5 Steps to Equip for Change, Disruption or Adversity

  1. Keep a watch on the health of the person, team or organization.
  2. Understand all potential threats and disruptions.
  3. Examine previously approaches to change, disruption or adversity. What you do the same? What would you do different?
  4. Have a prevention plan in place for those threats and disruptions you can avoid.
  5. Have a process in place for how you will deal with each threat and disruption should they arrive.

This is what we call risk management. Understanding what could happen and having a process in place for if it does.

This is preparation.

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