On Resilience: Expect Change, Disruption and Adversity

We have defined resilience as the process by which an organization, team or individual maintains organizational or mental health while achieving positive growth through change, disruption and adversity.

Resilience is not simply a verb or a noun. It is both. Resilience is something you become based on the actions you do. Any person, team or organization can be resilient as they work through, what we call, the Resilience 6E process.

The first step in the Resilience 6E process is to Expect Change, Disruption or Adversity.

The truly resilient person, team or organizations experiences resilience before the change, disruption or adversity hits. They understand that – because the world and the global economy – are always in a state of flux, change, disruption and adversity are a natural part of life. They do not run from it. They do not hide. They do not cower in fear.

They are always expecting change, disruption and adversity.

Having this expectation means they are consistently studying the world around them, keeping their eyes and ears to the ground, watching and listening for the next disruption within their life or industry.

I think of the military. At any military installation across the globe there are people standing guard. Somewhere there are even people sitting behind computers with high-tech capabilities manning drones which are conducting constant surveillance around the globe. What are they doing ? Keeping their eye open for adversity.

In the business world, great leaders are always on the lookout for the next change or disruption in the economy. These leaders are reading. They are researching. They are always working to find out what is coming next.

With a mindset of expectation, there is no time for complacency. Even more, while we must celebrate the successes, we cannot rest on our laurels. A mindset of expectation for our organization, team and self requires understanding change is disruption is always right around the corner.

In order to best respond to change, disruption or adversity, we must first know it always heading in our direction and be on the lookout.

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