On Resilience: 6 Step Process To Persevere Through Change, Disruption & Adversity

We are looking at this idea of resilience – personal and organizational. As we have stated, resilience is significant in that it is a character trait that must be found in the individual – or group of individuals – before it can be found within a team organization. 

We have also come to see resilience as something you must do, as opposed to to something you are. True resilience is not an action. Rather, it is a process. 

The process of resilience can be found within the 6 E’s of Resilience. Each “E” is a step – a mindset or attitude – in the process of becoming a highly resilient person, team or organization. 

Resilience 6E  

Expect – Anticipate the change and disruption that is coming.

Equip – Prepare for the change and disruption that is coming through training and development.

Execute – Make decisions on how to respond to change and disruption and execute decisions effectively.

Evolve – Make the necessary changes in order to remain stable and viable through the change and disruption. 

Establish – Adapt to the change and disruption by establishing new norms and expectations. 

Evaluate – Evaluate the impact of the outer change and disruption. Evaluate the inner response and evolution to the outer change and disruption. Compare and contrast. Ask the questions: “Did we evolve appropriately? Are we stable? Are we viable?” 

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