Defining Resilience for the Organization, Team or Person

Resilience is key to successful living, personally and professionally speaking. Organizations, teams and people must resilient in order to survive for the long haul. Resilience must begin in the mindset of the people and then weave its way through teams and organizations.

In other words, teams and organizations cannot be resilient unless the people within the teams or organization are resilient.

Yet, as much as we like to think of resilience as a verb, one cannot simply be resilient. Resilience is more of a mindset; a way of living. One cannot simply be resilient. Instead, one must come to learn how to do resilience.

This being the case, resilience can be defined as the organization, team or individual’s ability to maintain organizational or mental health while achieving positive growth through change, disruption and adversity.

This means maintaining your center.

For the organization, remaining organizationally healthy. For the individual, remaining mentally healthy.

Over the next few posts, we will examine the hows to doing resilience.

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