On Resilience: Evolve Or Die

We have defined resilience as the process by which an organization, team or individual maintains organizational or mental health while achieving positive growth through change adversity or disruption. 

Resilience is not something you are; resilience is something you do

The stages of resiliency, which we refer to as the Resilience 6E process, are (1) Expecting change, disruption or adversity; (2) Equipping yourself, your team or organization for change, disruption of adversity; (3) When change, disruption or adversity strikes, Executing on the plans and processes in place to ensure organizational and mental health in times of disruption. 

The fourth stage in the Resilience 6E process is to personal and organizational Evolution. 

The scientific definition of evolution is the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. 

In many ways, resilience is the process of evolution. When you examine, from a scientific perspective, animal or human species over the course of thousands of years, you see the consistent process of evolution that has taken place across the span of world, through time and location. 

Evolution can happen at any point within the process of resilience. Proactive Evolution takes place before change and disruption. Reactive Evolution is the reactionary evolutionary process in the middle of change and disruption. This is the stage where improvisation must be empowered down through the structured ranks of the organization. Responsive Evolution is evolution that place in response to change and disruption. 

In a perfect world, a person, team or organization would experience all three forms of evolution by being proactive, reactive and responsive in their evolution. 

Evolution is a process that should be happening on a consistent basis. The truly resilient person or organization is one that is continually progressing forward and maintaining relevance over the course of years and decades through all manners of change, disruption or adversity. 

When you study the people, teams and organizations who last over the course of years and decades, you consistently see an evolutionary process to their journey. While the core purpose and vision rarely change, the mission and strategy are constantly evolving over time.

It sounds fatalistic, but it is true…evolve or die.

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