On Resilience: Evaluation

We have defined resilience as the process by which an organization, team or individual maintains organizational or mental health while achieving positive growth through change adversity or disruption. 

Resilience is not something you are; resilience is something you do

The stages of resiliency, which we refer to as the Resilience 6E process, are (1) Expecting change, disruption or adversity; (2) Equipping yourself, your team or organization for change, disruption of adversity; (3) When change, disruption or adversity strikes, Executing on the plans and processes in place to ensure organizational and mental health in times of disruption; (4) Evolving through the process of resilience; (5) Establishing new norms in response of change, disruption and evolution.

The sixth and final stage in the Resilience 6E process is Evaluating how you, your team or your organization made it through the stages of resilience. 

Basic questions to answer during your evaluation phase: 

  • On Expectation: Did you expect the disruption or were you completely blindsided? Why? What could you do in the future to better understand trends and coming disruptions? 
  • On Being Equipped: Were you equipped to handle the disruption? Why or why not? If not, what needs to change in order to be better equipped? 
  • On Execution: Once change or disruption hit, did you execute the plans or processes that were in place? Why or why not? Were the plans and processes adequate to help you get through the change and disruption? Why or not? If not, what plans and processes would you recommend adding? 
  • On Evolution: Did you evolve through the change and disruption? How did you evolve? Was your evolution Proactive, Reactive or Responsive? What are ways you should consider evolving? 
  • On Establishing New Norms: Did you establish new norms after the organization evolved? If so, what are the new norms? What are more new norms you would recommend? Are there processes you would add? Are there processes you would subtract? 
  • On Evaluation: Are you evaluating honestly? What have you not considered that should be considered? What have you not shared with other team members that needs to be shared? 

These are some basic questions to get the process of evaluation going. 

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