You’ve Got 5 Years… Max

One of the books I am reading right now is Build An A Team by Whitney Johnson. I highly recommend anyone who is passionate about leadership and culture to read this book. 

In this book, Whitney talks about the S Curve. 

To summarize, everyone has about a 3-5 year window in which they will be fully engaged with their job. 

The first 6 months to a year is a time of learning. The next three to four years is the time for engagement  and growth. The last year to 18 months are when mastery is achieved. When mastery is achieved, it is time to progress. 

Yet, many organizations do not have a path for growth. 

So, the fifth year comes and we wonder why our people start lacking engagement. It is because they need an avenue for growth…which means a new challenge. 

Are you offering your people an avenue for growth every 3 to 5 years? 

You’ve got 5 good years with each of your team members… max. After that, you have to grow them or be prepared to lose them. 

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