Promotion Should Depend on the Person Being Promoted

Promotions are a great thing. Most people live for promotions. 


Yet, often, in many organizations we observe a talented individual and, because we believe more responsibility for this talented individual will mean greater success for the organization, we promote the individual. 

And sometimes – more than we care to admit – the individual fails.

What happened? 

We promoted the individual past the point of their competence. 

This lack of competence does not make the person a bad employee. It means we, the leader, made a poor leadership decision. 

Promotions should be based on the future competence of a person rather than their current performance. It is important to remember, not everyone should be promoted. 

For the good of organization – and the person – sometimes (many times) it is best to keep this person right where they are. Sure, every person needs opportunities to grow, but often these opportunities can come within a person’s current position. 

Promotions good and necessary… when given to the right person. 

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