Leadership Is Losing

You’ve seen him or her. The parent who cannot let go of their child. They hold on much too long. They hover. They hold them back. They refuse to encourage their child too much for fear their child will fly the coop. 

And who loses out. 

Both the parent and the child. 

The child loses out on reaching his or her fullest potential. The parent loses out on the joy and satisfaction of seeing their offspring really soar on their own, knowing they – the parent – provided the necessary foundation. 

The same is with leadership and empowering culture. 

Great leaders and empowering cultures have one thing in common: Constant loss due to upward movement. 

This is not turnover. It is upward movement. 

Leader, don’t hold back your people. Don’t hang on too long. Learn to build your people by providing opportunities for growth. 

Then be ready to release them. 

Leadership is building – and losing – your people. 

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