Assess and Reassess Yourself

How can I make the most of my time during Groundhog Day, er, I mean COVID 19 quarantine? 

Assess yourself. 

More than likely, like me, you have a lot more free time during this period quarantine and social distancing. Use this time to assess or reassess yourself. Your values. Your leadership. Give yourself a matrix and grade yourself against that matrix. 

I have spent countless hours using this space and time assessing and reassessing myself. There are aspects of my life and leadership I am very proud of. However, I am surprised at how much work I need to do in my own life and leadership – as a man, as a Dad, as a grandad (the real OG), as a leader, as a friend. 

It’s pretty humbling. 

And yet, the more we find within ourselves the need for growth the more we can focus our attention on those areas that need it most. 

Use this timely wisely. 

Reassess yourself. 

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