14 Steps of Resilience Execution

During times of crisis, disruption, change or adversity, what steps should organizational leaders be taking? Is there a clear process to execute through crisis that will guarantee organizational resilience? 

Start with the 14 Steps of Resilience Execution (adapted from the Harvard Business Review’s article “September 11, 2001: A CEO’s Story” by Jeffrey W. Greenberg) :  

  1. Communicate the facts… and only the facts 
  2. Assemble a team 
  3. Use existing plans in place and improvise where needed 
  4. Outline primary concerns
  5. Establish a communications center 
  6. Gather hard information
  7. Recruit outside help 
  8. Face reality…personality and organizationally 
  9. Provide support where needed 
  10. Communicate, communicate and communicate even more 
  11. Take a full assessment… then communicate the assessment 
  12. Deal with the business at hand
  13. Allow time for processing and/or grief 
  14. Take care of your team members and families  

These steps will ensure resilience for your team and organization during and after periods of crisis, disruption or adversity. 

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