Culture versus Process OR Culture as Process.

Why talk about culture? Can culture truly be defined? 

When working with teams, often they get caught up in the friendliness – or lack of friendliness – of the dialogue in decision-making. If there exists dysfunction, consultants are brought in to help a team work together in ways that reduce dissonance. 

Leave the dissonance alone. Dissonance – in life and in music – can often be a very good thing. 

Instead focus on the process of decision-making. 

For example: 

  • Set the agenda before the meeting 
  • Keep the ideas in front of the group using a flip chart or white board 
  • Focus on IDEAS. (Leave the details for the project manager and their team.)
  • Leaders should help clarify the debate 
  • Summarize 
  • Test for consensus 
  • The best idea wins out 

This is an example. 

The point I am making is this… it’s not culture OR process. Rather the culture is the process. 

When making decisions, focus on the process not the people. 

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