Company First? pt 2

Within a company, what is the most important aspect… the people, the idea, the products or the company itself? 

On Monday, I asked this question followed by using a quote from the book “Built to Last” by Jim Collins. In this quote, Collins states, “Be prepared to kill, revise or evolve an idea, but never give up the company.” 

So, you can give up the people? 

You can change the idea? 

You can adjust the products? 

Yet, the company remains. 

Where is the fidelity in this? 

This is a hard realization to come to: Company first. 

As the world evolves to become more equitable and inclusive, putting the company first seems archaic. 

However, based on history and data, building a company that lasts for the long haul requires putting the company first. 

People come and go. Ideas come and go. Products come and go. The company – based the core beliefs and values – remains. 

It’s not about you… or me. 

And that’s not an easy pill to swallow. 

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