Company First? pt. 3

Within a company, what is the most important aspect… the people, the idea, the products or the company itself? 

On Monday we asked this question. On Wednesday we went deeper on this idea of “Company First.” The reality is that companies that last are built when the company becomes the paramount and most central idea. 


The people matter. 

The ideas matter. 

The products matter. 

After all, great companies are filled with great people, great ideas and great products. Yet, these great people, great ideas and great products are gathered around a central mission: to keep the company alive and thriving. 

I think of the great battles fought throughout history. As soldiers take their position on the battlefield, their only thought is of victory; beating the enemy before the enemy beats them. 

Are they scared? Yes. Are they concerned for their own well-being and the well-being of those who rely on them? Of course. 

However, when bullets begin to fly, thoughts and actions return only to the mission. Their side must win. 

Business is war, so to speak. 

The people matter… greatly. The ideas matter…greatly. The products matter…greatly. 

For the purpose of building the company. 

The people must take care of the company. 

The company must take care of the people. 

Win, win. 

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