The Necessity of Creative Tension

Creative tension is connected to the emotions you feel when you see the goal you are aiming for and where you are standing right now. 

Vision versus reality. 

Here’s the deal… For you, for your team and for your organization, creative tension is a good and necessary thing. 

There is no growth without creative tension. Why? The lack of creative tension means the lack of a vision. 

Great leaders understand the importance of the “unreachable goal.” 

You set the vision and work as hard as you can to reach it… and the goalposts move. Your vision has now expanded. 

Contentment, by the standard definition, is for mediocre people, teams and companies. You set a goal, reach it, celebrate and then rest. And continue to rest. 

However, there is no rest for the weary. 

Strong men and women find contentment in the climb, in the creative tension.  

There is no pinnacle to the mountain. When it’s your time to tap out, you simply pass the baton. 

What keeps you climbing? What keeps your team creating? What keeps your organization innovating? 

Creative tension.

The realization that the vision will always be “just within reach.” 

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