On Purpose

“There is no such thing as permanent enemies or permanent friends… only permanent interests.”

It’s generally a political statement. 

Yet, the organization is a political arena. 

What is politics? The power dynamics in group decision-making. 

What is an organization? The power dynamics in group decision-making.

I prefer to add, “….for the betterment of the local or global society.” 

In the organization, the culture is greatest where every member of the organization is aligned around Purpose.

Different people. Different backgrounds. Different statuses. Different ideas. Different beliefs. 

Same Purpose.

This is where the organization wins out over broader society. Most often, you cannot choose your neighbors. However, the organization can create systems in order to choose its cohorts. 

Same Purpose.

When things begin to feel “personal,” remember these words: “Permanent interests.” 

While the workplace is a wonderful place to find friendship and companionship, we must remember the most important driver is Purpose. 

No permanent enemies. No permanent friends. 

Only Purpose.

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