Communication Matters

Last night, President Joe Biden gave a speech touting the accomplishments of the first 50 days of his administration. 

Vaccine rollout. 1.9 trillion stimulus package. 

Good speech. Several great accomplishments to share.

CNN decided to do a fact-check on Biden’s speech, as they should. 

What they found were several instances where Biden, while certainly not lying, did not share the full story. In several comparisons between his administration and the previous administration, he failed to share the context surrounding the previous administration’s experience versus the current context. 

Political speak. 

It made me think about us. You and me. 

Communication matters. 

What we say matters. How we say what we say matters. 

The older I get the more I realize the power of words. Words can build. Words can destroy. 


Let’s make our words always and only truthful. 

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