When You Hire the Wrong Person

Job posting. Check. Resume. Check. Cover letter. Check. Interview. Check. References. Check. Second Interview. Check. Offer. Check. Orientation. Check. 

Four months later… You realize you’ve hired the wrong person. 

They’re not incompetent. They simply lack organizational humility and self-awareness. 

What is organizational humility? The recognition of your “newness” and ability to learn from those around you. Those whom you work for, those whom work with you and those whom work for you. 

Skills matched with arrogance can be a dangerous combination. 

What do you do?

First, this person’s direct supervisor needs to be honest with themselves and the newer hire. 

No gossip. Just honesty. (We call this “courageous candor.”) 

Second, the newer hire needs to be given a significant and set amount of time to prove themselves. (One year is too much time; six weeks is not long enough.) 

Third, they need to be assessed, given assessment feedback and coached (internal or external) for an agreed upon period of time. 

Fourth, they need to demonstrate growth and evolution. 

Fifth, they need to receive post-coaching feedback from courageous and trusted peers. 

Sixth, they need to continue to grow and evolve. 

Grow or go. 

But first comes honesty. 

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