Character, I Mean, CHOICES Matters

Do failures exist? Are mistakes real? 

The philosophers can debate these questions. 

What cannot be debated is the reality that there are choices and there are consequences. 

You’ve heard it said, “Every action as an equal and opposite reaction.” 

It may be time to move past this idea of the existence of “failures” and “mistakes.” Simply saying these words places responsibility somewhere out in No Man’s Land. 

To say, “I failed” almost gives one a pass. We all fail, right? 

Not necessarily.

The reality is that we make choices and every choice we make has a consequence. 

Our character, then, becomes the sum of our choices. 

I digress… 

The other day a significant and influential member of the financial motivation business took a hit. He was removed from his job because his “personal choices we not aligned with the values of the organization.” The “company” is an influential organization with annual revenue surpassing $400M. 

No judgment to this gentleman. I hope he makes the proper amends and finds his back way to his seat at the table. The world needs his voice and talent. 

Yet, this is a great reminder for you and for me. 

We make our choices and then our choices make us. 

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