Musings on the Future of Work and Community

With remote work becoming more the norm, the question I have been asking myself recently is, “If human beings are wired for community and connection – and they are – how will organizations and people thrive in a world seemingly moving further from community and connection?” 

Organizations are fueled by people. 

People are fueled by community. 

Therefore, organizations are fueled by community. 

(By community, I mean people “doing life” in concert with and in proximity to each other.) 

Sure, we are a much flatter world today than we have ever been through the internet and social media. However, the research indicates, human beings are becoming much less connected due to the very tools that serve to connect us. 

We are experiencing life abroad while not living life in the present. 

Some musings that need further exploration: 

  • The world will shift to an even greater reliance on technology and artificial intelligence lessening the role and necessity of human beings. 
  • A sense of community – personal and organizational – will be found less and less in the workplace and more through personal interactions with family and friends. 
  • Technology and AI will disrupt our world to the point of ruin and we will return to much simpler days. Or we will destroy ourselves. 
  • The global arena will continue to adapt – as we always have – and humans will find greater community – and less anxiety – within the realm of technology. Potentially, technology and humans exist on the same level. 

The greatest question I have is, “How do we leverage the power of the human spirit in concert with the power of technology and bring a greater sense of global and personal community while maximizing the flourishing of human beings?” 

Human ingenuity. Evolving technology. Necessary community. Human flourishing. 

This is a tall order. 

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