Sunday ReSet = ReFocusing + ReAlignment + ReCentering

Sunday is a special day. The end of one week; the beginning of the another. 

In personal conversations over the years, I have heard several people talk about this idea of spending their Sundays “resetting” themselves. In these conversations it occurred to me the definitions of “resetting” were pretty vast. 

Some viewed resetting as reinvention. Others viewed resetting as relaxation. Others viewed resetting as escape. Still, others viewed resetting as a way of finding themselves… again and again. 

In thinking about this idea “resetting” oneself, I came away with a definition I think merits some consideration. 

First, the hot water heater. 

In recent days, my hot water heater has been acting up forcing me to spend extra time re-setting (re-igniting) the contraption so I can enjoy those hot showers. (First-world problems, I know.) 

While re-setting the heater last night I saw the metaphor. 

Re-setting the heater has one purpose: To help the device return to its original purpose… heating water. 

Personal resets are much the same: Returning to our original purpose. 

Sunday – or whatever day you choose – is a perfect day for re-setting. However, when it comes to re-setting, the meaning is greater than simply relaxation, reinvention, finding oneself or escape. 

After a busy week of distractions, the importance of taking one day a week to re-set simply means refocusing, recentering and realigning yourself with your best and highest purpose. 

Rise Higher,

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