Defining Organizational Health…And Why It Should Be Important To You

The culture of your organization is the most important aspect of your organization.

Read that again.

If you are struggling with effectiveness, impact or morale, your culture is the culprit.

The goal is organizational health.

What is organizational health? McKinsey & Co. defines organizational health as the following:

Organizational health is the ability to align around a common vision, execute against that vision effectively and renew itself through innovation and creative thinking. Organizational health is how the ship is run, no matter who is at the helm.

A common vision. Alignment and execution around the common vision. Renewal through innovation and creativity.

Organizational health is found when an organization is ran based on purpose, vision, mission, values and principles and everyone within the organization aligning and renewing around the purpose, vision, mission, values and principles.

Alignment and renewal.

Alignment AND renewal.

In any corporation, organization or team that wishes to be effective, everyone must be consistently aligned and everyone must be consistently renewing.

Organizations cannot be consistently aligned or renewed if the people within the organization are not being consistently aligned and renewed. By renewal, I do not mean consistently changing people (although changing personnel from time to time is inevitable). However, I do mean that the people within the organization must be consistently changing and renewing themselves.

Personal health and organizational health are one in the same. You cannot have a healthy organization with unhealthy people.

Why does this matter to you? A healthy organization will grow for effective, more profitable and more impactful.

What should you do about it? Help the the members of your organization pursue personal alignment and renewal.

It may shock you, but many of the members of your organization are not personally aligned. They lack purpose. They lack vision. They lack mission. They have no idea why they exist or where they are going. They are simply existing, allowing life to happen to them.

I can hear you already: “How is this my problem?”

Well, it’s not. However, if you want your organization to be more effective, profitable and impactful, you need to pursue organizational health. Before you can attain organizational health, the members of your organization must be personally healthy.

The higher they go, the higher the organization goes.

Take care of your employees. Pay them well. Give them great benefits. Provide personal and organizational training for them. Do team building activities together. Encourage healthy eating, exercise and rest. Purchase a corporate gym membership. Offer incentives for personal health. Be generous with time off and sick days.

However you can, take care of your employees and watch them take care of you.

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