When You Hire the Wrong Person

Job posting. Check. Resume. Check. Cover letter. Check. Interview. Check. References. Check. Second Interview. Check. Offer. Check. Orientation. Check.  Four months later… You realize you’ve hired the wrong person.  They’re not incompetent. They simply lack organizational humility and self-awareness.  What is organizational humility? The recognition of your “newness” and ability to learn from those around … Continue reading When You Hire the Wrong Person

Communication Matters

Last night, President Joe Biden gave a speech touting the accomplishments of the first 50 days of his administration.  Vaccine rollout. 1.9 trillion stimulus package.  Good speech. Several great accomplishments to share. CNN decided to do a fact-check on Biden’s speech, as they should.  What they found were several instances where Biden, while certainly not … Continue reading Communication Matters

On Purpose

“There is no such thing as permanent enemies or permanent friends… only permanent interests.” It’s generally a political statement.  Yet, the organization is a political arena.  What is politics? The power dynamics in group decision-making.  What is an organization? The power dynamics in group decision-making. I prefer to add, “….for the betterment of the local … Continue reading On Purpose

The Necessity of Creative Tension

Creative tension is connected to the emotions you feel when you see the goal you are aiming for and where you are standing right now.  Vision versus reality.  Here’s the deal… For you, for your team and for your organization, creative tension is a good and necessary thing.  There is no growth without creative tension. … Continue reading The Necessity of Creative Tension

The 7 Crucial Stages of Personal Transition

It’s March. In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is in the air.  In many of areas of the world, it is this time of year when winter begins to let up, the days begin to grow longer, the sun begins to appear more often than not and we commence our days hearing the faint sounds of … Continue reading The 7 Crucial Stages of Personal Transition